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rosemary Is a herbaceous plant which is used as a kind of spice
especially in Italian cuisine .
Not only is used on it , but the oil extracted from it has many uses
in the field of hair and skin care, in addition to the multiple health benefits
today you will learn health benefits of rosemary oil for hair and body .

* benefits of rosemary oil for hair :

first benefit of rosemary oil for hair is treating scalp problems :

as it has many anti bacterial and anti fungal properties
therefore Rosemary Oil is used to treat scalp problems Resulting from
bacterial and fungal infection.

second benefit of rosemary oil for hair is hair feeding :

as it contains nutrients and antioxidants which have the ability to
feed Hair roots ,stimulate hair growth and increase hair density.

third benefit of rosemary oil for hair is Hair Strengthening :

as it helps the blood to flow and access to the head .
therefore Rosemary Oil leads to cohesion of hair , prevents hair falling
and helps hair to grow .

** health benefits of rosemary oil :

1) Rosemary Oil diluted with water is used as a mouthwash
to eliminate the bacteria that causes bad breath.

2) Rosemary Oil has narcotic properties so it's used topically
to get rid of the strong pain ,it helps to soothe Most body pains from
inflammation of the muscles to migraines and even chronic conditions
such as arthritis, also it can be used to relieve
the symptoms of menstrual disorders and cramps .

3) One of the most important uses of rosemary oil
is using it to treat respiratory diseases especially bronchial asthma
sore throat and respiratory infections .

4) Rosemary oil is used in many skin care products such as anti-wrinkle
and moisturizing skin creams .

note :

You can not eat rosemary oil because it causes digestive disorders
such as nausea, vomiting and it may reach to poisoning .


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