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first benefit of lavender oil for hair :

- Experts stress that lavender oil for hair is one of the most effective oils
in preventing hair loss and ability to stimulate germination of new hair
in addition to improving his condition generally .
by massaging your hair in lavender oil, and leave it about half an hour,
then rinse it with shampoo, This process is repeated once or twice a week .

second benefit of lavender oil for hair :

- Lavender oil is used in fight against alopecia areata .
alopecia areata is a skin disease which causes loss of whole areas in scalp .
Therefore, lavender oil works to prevent this disease from hair destruction .
in addition to protecting and strengthening hair follicles .

third benefit of lavender oil for hair :

- Massage the scalp daily with lavender oil contributes to humidify and calm skin irritation
It also works to calm the body and brain as it helps to engage in a deep and quiet sleep .
that is considered another way to resist hair loss by resisting Psychological distress .

fourth benefit of lavender oil for hair :

- Lavender oil is a strong antiseptic as it works to fight bacteria and fungi
which may affect on the scalp and cause many problems such as dandruff .


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