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Hair products which fill the markets Contain
a lot of chemicals and preservatives

not like natural oils for hair

all of these materials damage the hair and cause
hair loss and Brittleness of hair .

so we suggest you use natural oils for hair

For healthy and shiny hair We recommend using natural oils for hair
as an alternative to the industrial products
and this is a list of the best five natural oils for hair :

1- Jojoba oil 

a) suitable for dry and brittle hair so it used to treat Brittleness of hair.

b) used as a natural balm to moisturize hair .

2- Olive oil 

a) is used to treat hair loss 

b) is used to moisturize dry and damaged hair

3- Coconut Oil 

a) makes the hair shiny and lustrous
b) is used for untangling hair
c) cure for dandruff and itching

4- Aloe Vera oil 

a) is used to nourish hair 

b) is used to treat scalp from cortex, psoriasis
and eczema

5- Sweet almond oil 

a) remove dead skin cells

b) disinfectant and cleaner for hair .
to get the best results ,
use Sweet almond oil before showering
to make your hair clean, healthy and bright .

Thus we have mentioned to you the benefits of natural oils
for hair and we wish you a healthy and beautiful hair .


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