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Dry hair is characterized by weakness and roughness
and usually is Subjected to damage
so if you suffer from dry hair, You can try home remedies for dry hair
to care it and restore its luster and strength .

1. Use hot oil :

-You can use hot oil as one of the home remedies for dry hair
,you will find these oils in the market
-These oils are used by heating for 5 to 20 minutes
or according to written instructions on the packaging
- hair is covered with plastic bag , then is washed
carefully Using shampoo .

2. eat useful food for hair :

- Nuts are very useful for hair  as it contains
essential fatty acids to restore luster of your hair
- Also, some fruits such as bananas and avocados
You can use them to make banana and avocado mask for dry hair.
and put it on your hair for an hour ,then wash it with warm water .
- You can also use full-fat mayonnaise to massage your scalp
and cover it for 30 minutes then wash it carefully .
- Of course, you can use olive or coconut oil to massage your head
then cover it and sleep ,then wash it carefully in the morning Using shampoo .

3. Use eggs to get the gloss :

Eggs are considered part of the home remedies for dry hair .

- mix one egg in lukewarm water, then put it on your hair
and wash your hair with lukewarm water .
- To make an intensive treatment for weak hair, get the gloss and treat its dryness,

use this mixture as one of the home remedies for dry hair :

- 3 eggs
- 2 tablespoons olive oil
- 1 teaspoon vinegar 

how to use it :

- put this mixture on your hair tufts
- then cover your hair with plastic bag
- leave it 30 minutes
- finally, wash your hair with shampoo

4. deal with your hair gently :

- Dry hair is a brittle and weak hair, so avoid dealing with it violently
and don't Pull your hair out especially at a time of anger ,
so as not to cause damage to your scalp .

5. Reduce the use of hair brush :

- Always try to minimize the use of hair brush,
but it's recommended to use a hair comb .
and avoid it when your hair becomes wet .

6. leave period between the materials which you put them on your hair
if you use creams ,dye, etc ...

7. Reduce the use of shampoo :

There is a mistaken belief that healthy hair becomes brilliant when
you put large amount of shampoo on it,
But this belief is wrong, because it often causes dry hair .   
you must know that the ideal shampoo for dry hair
is the one whose "pH" rate between 4.5 and 6.7
It's better to use acidic shampoos to take care of your hair
than alkaline shampoos which cause dry hair .

8. Use conditioner frequently :

- Find conditioner products that do not contain alcohol
as these products dry the hair, you can read the labels on the product
or smell it before buying, as the conditioner which has no odor does not have alcohol .
- If the hair is very dry, use conditioner at night before going to sleep
,then wash it in the morning after you wake up .

9. Keep your hair away from heat :

If you are compelled to be close to heat, try to make your hair always dry .

10. Use vinegar as one of the home remedies for dry hair :

- For example, you can add a tablespoon of vinegar with water, and wash your hair
also you can keep a bottle of vinegar in the bathroom for this purpose .

- You can use vinegar to get rid of dandruff, by massaging your scalp with vinegar
 several times a week before shampooing .

- Or put a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar in a small tub of water
and soak your hair in it to get rid of dandruff, remnants of shampoo and Spray,
then wash your hair carefully with water, if you want more efficiency
wash your hair after an hour of being soaked in vinegar .


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